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This site is the warehouse of much of our ongoing information and recordings including the MP3's of our Monday Night Conference Calls and a collection of Articles written over the last 8 years.








Constance Smith, RN MS CNM's site:Wisdom of the Body  is founded upon the awareness that all things are uncaused emergent miracles, …that cause and effect are simultaneously the same, …that the unconditionally loving universe, without judgment, supports your every choice. This site addresses what your body is telling you about the way you are living your life and is based upon "The Descriptionary" by Roger B. Cotting.

Thsi site displays some of Misty's artwork,

A site about the Feldenkrais Technique: This work reorganizes the whole system. Calming the nervous system into a parasympathetic state, this technique listens for places which seem out of sync with your highest sense of well being.