This site, presently under construction, is about you! ...well, actually, it is much more than about you, it is about the you ...you have not known for a very long time, it is about the you ...you have concealed and denied, ...and it is about the universe and world you live in as you have not seen or known them to be in this lifetime …and that is just the beginning!

What do you really know about yourself and life? …and can you depend upon what you believe you know? This site will present sixty years of intense investigation, through many new sources, of the world around you …and your place in this world, which we will describe in great detail, so you can begin understanding the misunderstandings you’ve been living and struggling with for years.

Have you ever considered the possibility that the universe is so plenary that it is as it is …and simultaneously is as you are …and as you are aware …and is also as everyone else is and as they are aware? …or is that too bizarre or too chaotic for you to consider? …then, be aware that this is true! …and this is just the beginning of what our website will offer, …however, you will see and understand such things only in a correct context of yourself, not in parts and pieces, …therefore, we will only offer these awarenesses of the universe relative to you, …for, believe it or not, you are vital to the universe! …and you have the opportunity to show the universe what it truly can be, …and, in that, you order the universe around you! …therefore, your personal beliefs and knowings about life …and your reflections on experiences and observations …and your consideration and understanding of our words and descriptions must always be considered relative to the fabric of your life …and the selfimage upon which your beliefs and views of life and the universe appear, …therefore, if you don’t know the “real pattern” of your self and life …and how you view matters and construct beliefs, you cannot know the world around you …or the universe in which you live to thrive …so you struggle and strive, …do you want to continue that self and life “as usual”?

Are you willing to consider thatyou are not searching to be free ...or become "one with God", ...are you searching for a form for yourself ...and a form of activity you are willing to be and live eternally?

Presenting this volume of information will take time! …such that, even now that the site is ready and up …it will constantly be expanded for you to visit again and again.